a place to lay my head

Somewhere for me to learn through doing. This place, like me, is a work in progress. Playing with and on words, ideas, images, meanings, metaphors and other such transient things.

Shards of script, splinters of verse, scraps of pictures and even, sometimes, snippets of melodies, almost all my own, will be found scattered about the place like straw in a barn. An occasional sweeping will see most of the bug-ridden waste on the floor consigned to a big bin; with luck there’ll be other more palatable fare that’ll be gathered together and fed to the bigger beasts or strewn around their categorised stalls over to the left there in the hope that they’ll flourish.

I hope to find some clean, crisp golden strands that I can weave together to make my stay here relatively comfortable. And yours, I hope.

If you see any stray threads in the rafters that the birds have plucked to bolster their nests, so that they may have escaped my eye, please be sure to point them out. And don’t be afraid to tell me to run the broom through the place either…

1 thought on “a place to lay my head”

  1. Love this 😉

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